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Hardware Association of  Queensland

Representing the Hardware Industry

The Hardware Association of Queensland (HAQ) is a not for profit organisation that provides professional services and hardware specific advice to a majority of Queensland’s hardware retailers and suppliers.

In Australia's rapidly changing environment, it is vital for small business owners to stay up to date with new regulations and changes to workplace legislation. Our members not only have an channel through which to raise industry concerns with government at a state and national level, but can also access information and advice on a wide range of issues affecting their businesses.

HAQ, through our affiliation with the National Retail Association (NRA), provides vital support and information on employment legislation, as well as a strong lobbying voice for members of the hardware industry in Queensland and Northern NSW.

The benefits to HAQ members of our NRA affiliation include:

  • A stronger voice for industry with government at the State and Federal level 
  • Free telephone advice on employment law issues. For example what is the correct pay rate for an employee? How much notice do you have to provide on termination? what documents are required for sick leave?
  • Fact sheets on employment law issues. These are particularly useful as a reference for issues such as compliance with legislation. For example: How to calculate long service leave; Annual leave or maternity leave entitlements.
  • Weekly weekly electronic updates and regular newsflashes on developments and legislative changes. 
  • Access to the ‘Member Only’ pages of the NRA website, which includes current rates of pay for the retail industry, fact sheets, newsflashes and helpful links. 
  • Invitations to free briefings and seminars on topical issues. 
  • Access to public employment law training workshops on topics such as counselling and discipline, ill and injured employees and ‘know your award’ at discounted members’ rates. 
  • Reducted rates for fee for service matters, including representation for unfair dismissal, unlawful dismissal and discrimination complaints.
  • Accress to the NRA’s range of training, education and development services.  

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If you find you need further information, or if you would like to join HAQ, please contact us via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone 1800 445 522.

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